About MP2P

The MP2P protocol was developed by Pablo Soto, who, by taking into account both the Gnutella v0.4 and UDP protocols created a new form of P2P file sharing.

Everybody knows about Gnutella's problems: most users do not share any files, modem users flood the traffic, the protocol contains no metadata concepts and there isn't enough scalability

MP2P is based on top of the UDP transpor protocol. There are two very important reasons that make UDP better than TCP/IP:

  • Firstly, TCP/IP is not anonymous, which means that file sharing can be tracked and subsequently shut down (this does not happen with UDP).
  • Secondly, it's easy to test that UDP is faster than TCP/IP. You can try it yourself

MP2P has many advantages over the others: it's natural scalability makes adding new features an easy task, and it improves the functionality with an insured compatibility, over unlimited content and connections. Every MP2P based software runs throught "Gateways" (web pages that contain peer lists), which are very easy to use, and are backed by "Smart Caching" technology.

Press room

Since it was created, the MP2P Protocol and MP2P -based file-sharing software have had several media and web appearances. If you are interested in MP2P , please feel free to open any of this links, which contain news, interviews and press releases.

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